Ricky Powell @ MILK on Some New York Sh*t!

I was thrilled to participate in Ricky Powell's show "Illy Funksters" at MILK on June 3rd. I just assume everyone knows who Ricky is and the many hats he has worn. His main thing, of course, is photography, and this show, in conjunction with his latest book with the same name, is basically a retrospective, spanning the last three decades of NYC music, nightlife and street culture. The opening turned into a all-out party and the place was packed when I killed the music, 30 minutes over the cut-off time. More than anything it was great to see Ricky being celebrated, as well as having what seemed like a really, really fun time. It was such a rare treat to see so many faces that I haven't seen in a while, many of which I only know from clubs - you know, the people you say hi to and talk to for years without ever knowing their names. This was one of the most enjoyable times I've had djing in years. Ricky, as many of you know, is a huge fan of funky jazz, especially the organ variety, so at his request, I kept it funky for the first hour, playing some of the better known funk jazz joints:

Lonnie Smith Spinnin' Wheel
Grant Green Down Here On The Ground
Lou Donaldson Pot Belly
James Brown Untitled Instrumental
Kool & The Gang Dujii
Johnny Hammond Shifting Gears
Jimmy Smith Root Down
Funk Inc Kool Is Back
Jean Jaques Perrey E.V.A.
Herbie Hancock Fat Mama
Fred Wesley & The JB's Blow Your Head
24 Karat Black The 24 Karat Black
Quincy Jones Sanford and Son
Cymande Bra

But the combination of Red Bull + Vodka + images of RUN-DMC, Jam Master Jay, The Beasties, LL and others made something click in my brain, and this is what happened:

Run DMC Together Forever
Run DMC Slow and Low
Bizmarkie Biz Is Goin' Off
Nice & Smooth Gold
LL Cool J Bad
Boogie Boys You Ain't Fresh
MC EZ & Troupe Get Retarded
Latee This Cut's Got Flavor
Sweet T & Jazzy Joyce It's My Beat
MC Mitchski Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge
MC Lyte Kick This One For Brooklyn
Positive K A Good Combination
Just-Ice Put The Record Back On
Eric B. & Rakim Move The Crowd
Special Ed Think About It
LL Cool J .357 Break It On Down
Marley Marl He Cuts so Fresh
Original Concept Knowledge Me Chant
Public Enemy Raise The Roof
Kool G Rap Riker's Island
Masters of Ceremony Keep On Movin'
Just-Ice Cold Gettin' Dumb 2
Run DMC Dumb Girl
Black Rock & Ron That's How I'm Livin'
Donald D Dope Jam
Masters of Ceremony Cracked Out
LL Rock The Bells (OG Version)
Dana Dane Nightmares
BDP South Bronx
MC Shan The Bridge
Slick Rick Lick The BAlls
Whodini Funky Beat
Bizmarkie Make The Music with Your Mouth Biz
Eric B. & Rakim Eric B. For President (Acapella)
Eric B. & Rakim I Know You Got Soul (45 King Remix)
Big Daddy Kane (Aint No Half Steppin' Remix)
Stezo It's My Turn
Stetsasonic Go Brooklyn
Stetsasonic Go Stetsa
Stetsasonic Sally
Antoinette I Got An Attitude
Salt N Pepa Everybody Get Up (Remix)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five The Message
Spoonie G Love Rap Live
Run DMC Sucker MCs
Run DMC Peter Piper
Public Enemy Rebel Without A Pause
Public Enemy You're Gonna Get Yours
Public Enemy Don't Believe The Hype
LL Cool J The Boomin System
LL Cool J Eat 'Em Up Chill
Eric B. & Rakim I Ain't No Joke
Kid N Play Gettin' Funky
Beastie Boys Beastie Groove
Beastie Boys Brass Monkey
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five NY NY
Sugarhill Gang Apache
Run DMC It's Like That

Listen, I have NEVER heard some of these records on a sound system, and certainly never expected people to dance to them. Mighty Mitchski "Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge", Donald D "Dope Jam", Kool G Rap "Riker's Island"? Dancing? What?!

I will post the recording some time this week.

If you didn't catch the show, you played yourself. But you can check out Ricky's books. They are worth every penny.


A to the L said...

oh shit... new posts...

i need to hear this set.


Antony said...

All those tunes and no Ultra?!
Stretch, ya slippin' dude......

The Gosub Routine said...

"homeboy, throw in the towel,
your girl got dicked by Ricky Powell!"

I always remember that line fron the Beasties 'Car thief' track.

Relm said...

Fresh new posts yipeeee.... Look fwd to hearing this...

madnice said...

wow hes back!!!!!!!1

Hell Yup! said...

sorry I missed tht one...

MC Mitchski Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge!!!

Mitch was the 1st person I met that was introduced to me as a 'Product Manager'... He's the man...

Anonymous said...

GFreat to see some new posts ! Can't wait to hear the audio ! :-)

Dj (King) Emz said...

That playlist looks like my ipod!

D said...

crazy, can not wait to hear this recording, and big ups to the rickster!

palomarace said...

dying to hear that dope playlist. show some West Coasters some love and load it up!

Machiventa said...

Stretch, please post this set!!!!!!

Sounds like it was a great time.