It's A Demo, It's A Demo, It's A Demo, It's A Demo...Part 2

Demo time.

The Souls of Mischief demo that everyone was amped about was the undeniably classic "Cab Fare" which sampled the theme to Taxi but because of that, was a sample-clearing nightmare. But "Step To My Girl" was another gem that didn't make the album. It has a bitter-sweet, nostalgic vibe, and eptimomizes early Hiero, which was really unique from the start.

Souls of Mischief "Step To My Girl" (demo)

Here is KCR-superstar O.C.'s demo of "Step Into The Ozone" which got redone in a jazzier DITC feel for his classic and slept-on "Word Life" album. Both are dope, but I like the abstract feel that the demo has; I think it compliments the lyrics more.

O.C. "Step Into The O-Zone" (demo)

When Mobb Deep got their first deal at Island/4th & Broadway, it was off the strength of their demo, which they recorded as The Poetical Prophets. Like me, they were going through a transition in the name department. Hav and P were YOUNG here. You would NOT recognize them if I didn't tell you it was Mobb Deep. Their gimmick was that they were shorties smoking copious amounts of weed, drinking 40's and hittin' skins. Like the Souls of Mishchief, as soon as it came time to record their first album, they switched it up dramatically. In Mobb Deep's case, that also meant going through puberty, which meant they could finally at least attempt to be the grimeballs they purported to be on their demo. I've given the entire seven song demo to Prodigy on two occassions but both times it got jacked by someone. What I need is the post-4th & Broadway Mobb Deep demo "Paddy Shop" which is the one-song demo I brought to Loud Records to get them signed.

Poetical Prophets "Flavor For The Non-Believes" (demo)


Antonio said...

Glad you overcame the technical difficulties...

and big up for the new mp3s!

top-notch-records said...

So dope !!!
I love the unreleased Souls Of Mischief track !!!
It´s a shame that this one was never available on wax !!!
The O.C. Demo is also a burner !!!
By the way, i´ve got a whole lot of those unreleased O.C. demos, all remastered (hit me up at: unique-technics@gmx.de if you´re interested) !!!
Peace out and keep on doing the good work !!!

madnice said...

That Flavor of the Non-Believes is very sick

Anonymous said...

Stretch can you post the full
Poetical Profits Demo Tape? Much props for the
One demo track tho =)big ups!.

=lonecatalyst= said...

YES!!! Stretch, thanks for these gems and a new post. I was beginning to worry that you weren't comin' back. Thanks a lot and madddd respect,


Dark Gable said...

Glad you are back. Love when you drop those rare demos. Thanks.

The Gosub Routine said...

i'm interested to hear early mobb deep (seeing as i never really liked much hip hop stuff after the early 90's).

I wonder how they come across?

thanks stretch!


Philaflava said...

Not that I don't appreciate these jawns, but the one found on O.C.'s "Hidden Gems" that dropped earlier this year is MUCH better quality.

CLUSO said...


Allan L. said...

Thank you BIG TIME, Stretch!

Anonymous said...

absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smoked sturgeon
crunchtime kiddies!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the sample of the S.O.M. track is grover washington "audrey" or somethin

hArd lUck prO-dUktz said...

Wassup Stretch Boogie! Just wondering if you have any of them Mudbonez demo's! Not sure of the names, maybe "Crazy in the Head" & "Lost Head Case" with the Redman Sample "Do a drive by, fuck that, I walk by & spray shit"? Or maybe that's some shit Bobby Bongos has. Anyways, PEACE!!!

Dee said...

yooo Stretch! I first heard the tracks from the Cage demo he did with El-P on the show.

I read this was lost to the world.. One of the songs beats was used for a freestyle promo he did with Godfather Don on the For Your Box cd.

Post this if you got it!!!! The shit was ILLLLLLLLLL

Matthew said...

Man I love this spot! Big ups on the Souls of Mischief demo....

Fresh! I just uploaded a gang of dopeness at my spot... Organized Konfusion, Schoolly D, Ultramagnetic, MF DOOM, X-Clan, fresh mixes.
Check it out...