Blogging 101

I'm on the road again, but after reading your comments, I've decided to respond in the form of a post, rather than in the comments section to keep it simple.

Even though saying "what up" to an old friend in a post is as asinine as a friend sending you a message through myspace (when they have your three email addresses, you cell, your home phone number and home address), in this case I gotta make an exception. Actually wait, time to rewind, and talk about Dante Ross. Many of you know the deal, many don't- among other things, Dante was one of the most consistent, visionary and resourceful A&R/executive producers ever. If De La Soul, Brand Nubian, Grand Puba, Leaders Of The New School, Busta Rhymes, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, KMD, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Ol' Dirty Bastard or Everlast mean anything to you, next time you see Dante, give him a pound and tell him Stretch told ya. I can't imagine the list of artists that Dante wanted to sign but couldn't because of bidding wars that went the wrong way or other circumstances beyond his control. I know for sure that D intended to bring Cypress Hill to Elektra but it didn't happen for reasons unbeknownst to me. Maybe D will do a guest post here and kick the ballistics...??? He can tell you how he and Clark Kent had my back lovely when KRS's brother I.C.U. stepped to me at Soul Kitchen when it was at Wetlands. That was, ah, a slightly awkward situation- and the only time in my entire radio experience that someone wanted to settle a dispute with me by way of knuckles. It never went that way 'cause I.C.U. was just barking, and I don't think he wanted to have any part of Clark or Dante. Now if I can only find that "How I Could Just Kill A Man" demo D gave me. Oh yeah, Dante- "what up!"

Dante has a fresh NY-centric blog too: slamxhype.com/blogs/Dante. Check it out. Yo D, where is Unknown MC at??!!

Now, as far as whether old tapes can be digitized- the answer is...zzzzzz...YES you can. No way!!! Totally! But please stop asking me how. Ever heard of Google? Do some research people. If you get me your tapes, however--and I'm 100% serious about this--I will have them digitized, labeled and photographed and returned to you. The email to reach me about working this out is at the top of the blog.

Thanks for the tip on the OC demo people. I'll find something else. Any suggestions?

Someone asked about a "Step Up Front" remix. All I can come up with is that there was an alternate mix on the 12" but it wasn't a remix. I'm unaware of one, and rap nerds I know don't either.

Godfather Don demos- hell yeah. I never had them. That was all Bobbito. I'll get them from him.

And for those of you having trouble saving files, get your right-click skills up!

I appreciate the emails and comments about posting stuff about music I'm playing/feeling/making these days, but I wanted to keep this blog one-dimensional. Maybe I'll start another blog, after I finish knitting that purple parachute I've been working on with that lifetime supply of yarn I was always trying to give away on the radio.


Chris said...

dante is a legend. real heads know..

thanks for the link to his blog!

madnice said...

definitely need some rare godfather don demos

Anonymous said...

I have treats. it's Greg T from myspace. We'll try and get together soon. I know you're busy.
Later -

ruben said...
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Anonymous said...

can you post crackpipe by princess ivori if you have it or 5 times the rhymer by dueces wild

Dante said...

Yeah didn't sign Cypress cause I ended up being homies with them and didn't want my friendship altered by business dealings the only time I didn't sign a group becuase of that reason. Funny thing is almost 20 joints later I'm still a soul assasin and I still rock with them whenever I'm out west.
I still think I made the right decision and I bet they do too.
Thanks for the love my boy sent me the link for this, that was a great time to be in the thick of it all and we all were. Stretch and Bobitto show best hiphop show ever.

P.S. Stretch let me Ramalzee's Be-Bop I used for Funky Beat on Everlasts Whitey Ford sings the Blues. I didnt have it. I never thanked him for that I don;t think at least not publicly. As for ICU glad I could help out.
Peace you got me smiling today bro!

Fritz said...

Maybe some unreleased slick rick? The source mentioned back in 1994 tracks 'like i'm on an enterprise' and other tracks produced by pete rock and primo.

madnice said...

aight word on those godfather don demos

Fosterakahunter said...

Digitizing audio cassettes? You mean transfering them to mp3 files? Are you kidding? People are inquiring about THAT, and asking if you can hook them up? Please. I can't even think of the device that they came up with to do it, but just as there is a turntable that now transfers vinyl to mp3s, so there is a player that does the same for cassettes. Do a bit of Google research people, and don't hassle your man with trivialities. You know what(?)my, when I find the site and product, I'll post again with the info. Holla.

A to the L said...

So are we staying here or are we moving to konstantkontact.com?

*cyber pounds stretch & dante for years of listening pleasure*

um... no homo?

neil said...

Do you Stretch or does anybody have the episode when someone comes to the studio wearing Simple brand sneakers and you and Bob just start laying into dude and talking about that shit in between sets for the whole show...

Man...shit was so hilarious!!! I remember we listened to that tape over and over again at the skateshop i worked at in San Diego...

Pretty sure the year was 97...probably summer of 97 if my memory serves me correct...


Sureshot La Rock said...

We got with Don earlier this year to release "The Slave of New York" EP. Six tracks deep, it features previously unreleased gems from the early 90s that never made it to wax.


"Slave of New York"
"The Architect"
"Do I Come Off"
"7 Degrees of Elevation"
"Colors Of Death"

It's sold out now, but snippets are all over blogs on the net...

A special shout-out goes to Cool Bob Love for his assistance with the project...

At risk of making this a totally shameful plug, peep the interview:


Kool Keith, Ballsbito, Godfather Don, and grilled cheese sandwiches!

rearviewradio said...

what about the problemz demo?
please hook that up.
bob plays one track in one of them shows which are bootlegged and sold by them boulevard connection from denmark.
i believe that was after your time on the show wasnt it?

keep up the great posts.


nawledge said...

I been transferrin my old Tapes to .mp3 for a Few Years now... I use this device called "imic" from a company called Griffin Technologies. It's the most basic piece money can buy, like $35 and it has a Headphone Input in one side, and a USB output on the other... Connect a Player in one side (Cassette or Mixer), and run it str8 to your Comp. Obviously you have NO CONTROL over anything at all while importing, but for the Super Cheap, Quick & Dirty, it works perfectly. Here's a Link::


OH, Please for all of us, talk to Bobbito about those Godfather Don Demos. From all the Interviews I read, I get the sense that there is WAY more to be heard from the God. Hope we get the chance to hear some Rarities.


Dirty Waters said...

If your taking suggestions I remember a show on KCR way back when you played some unreleased Pete Rock stuff, around the time INI's stuff was coming out, I remember this one track 'greenbacks' with a mass appeal sample I have a rip of it on mp3 from a cassette but maybe you have a master or something just an idea...

Anonymous said...

2nd the problemz request...also want to hear that problemz and black attack joint "WTF is going on here" again...heard that on one of those truck jewels sets wayback. luv100

Synapse said...

See, this is why, even though it sucks to read this shit on a computer screen, it's almost nice that any muh'fucker can get up and tell a story, unedited. Dante, you really have a lot of stories that need to be told. I want to hear about the hardcore days, and who from the hardcore scene really got down with the hip-hop scene. for me, it was almost two different things, cause I was younger. By the time I was 15, hardcore music was past the peak (by a lot I'm sure), and I moved on to listening to Stretch and Bob and Red (and kid, and silver dee circa 1990). But Dante, you must have been living in two worlds at once in the 80's. How different really were they? Did a lot of people get down with both? Did Bam or Jay (Jazzy) ever go to see Bad Brains? I know Doze told me one time he went to see Bad Brains at Andy Worhol's studio and Basquiat, Keith Haring and Rock Steady were there. Somehow, even though hip-hop journalism seems to be all over the place, I feel these stories have gotten lost. Stretch, what about you, did you go to hardcore shows? I'm curious.

DRoss171 said...

Me, The Beasties, the Luscious Jackson girls and people like Sacha Jenkins, Jon Joseph, Lord Ezec we were all in to Hardcore punkrock and hiphop at it's infancy. I was in to skating and anything agro and rebelous it was that time period ( Early to mid 80's) and the Bad Brains and Run Dmc were the soundtrack along with a bit Later Public Enemy and bands like Fugazi or the Cromags. Fuck it Cypress and Sick of it all were another great combo.

Energy is energy and I never saw and still don't see the difference in these energy's. I always loved aggressive music whether it was the Brains, Motorhead or Run Dmc and Public Enemy. All of these sounds were vital to me. They still are.

Im lucky that I always blended in with whoever wherever. I was never a hardcore kid, I was a skater a graf writer, a bboy and a athlete. I was never a super thugged out hiphop dude, I was a me and that I think is what allows me to go between different scenes and be accepted. I never tried to be someone I wasn't I just was/am.

Like Elvis Costello once said " My aim is true" meaning I just dig music,energy and seeing my friends and peers do their thing. Still do this past week I went to see Sick of it all and Pharoh Monch, I guess you cant teach a old dog new tricks.
Everything is everything and funny enough I was always the same cat just a little skinnier and wilder back then.

The kids right now the young ones got this mentality,IDJ'd the skate contest yesterday and a ton of little dudes asked me to play the Bad Brains, got psyched when I played Iron Maiden and Method Man. I see the energy's my peers and myself put down and I say man the kids right now there alright!