Men At Work

Ahhhh...whether it's 1987 or 2007, listening to a Marley Marl radio show remains one of life's simple pleasures. Here's a radio rip of "For Your Own Concern" by Big Daddy Kane, where he drops rhymes that make it on his first album. This is vintage '87 Marley Marl, using the same drum kit as "My Melody."

And from 1990, here is Kool G Rap's monster "Men At Work", given a simple but funky Marley Marl remix. It doesn't come close to the original album version, but it's still worthwhile.

Big Daddy Kane "For Your Own Concern"
Kool G Rap "Men At Work" (Marley Marl Remix)


madnice said...

Dats thes shit right there

The Gosub Routine said...

Thanks Stretch!

I love the older stuff.

'Men at work'..(...niccee...).